My Bedroom Makeover

Hi there!

Oh yes my friends. The time has come for my old-fashioned (and I’m being very polite here lol) bedroom to receive the Blingo treatment. It used to look like this:


Okay, in my defence I haven’t been living in my house for a few years so I didn’t really care what my bedroom looked like. But now that I moved back home, it was a necessity to redecorate this room ASAP! So I first decided on the colour palette. Mint, greys and a touch of white.

paint.jpgBenjamin Moore

Then I bought all the accessories and textiles to dress the room up. I know it’s not the correct way / order to redecorate a room but I found that once I had all the details ready I had a clear image of what I wanted to do.

Then the big decision… painting the walls. I started on drawing a draft on a piece of paper. By a draft I mean a few hundreds lol. Once I knew what I wanted I was ready to take action. We first painted the walls a very light grey (TIP: If you are using a really bright base colour you can paint your ceiling the same colour for a modern feeling like I did). Then by using mask tape we separated the feature wall into five rectangles.

I love the colours. They are so powerful yet soothing, the whole room is so peaceful without loosing it’s character. Then it was time for the fun part… Style it up. I used the wall paints to paint a tray and my mason jars for organising my make-up and a small plant pot I have bought from Urban Outfitters (which was lovely but didn’t really match my new bedroom). I also made a couple of ring trays for the bedside tables which I painted the same colours as well.

The final result is this:


And a few details to get the idea:

You can check out a Top5 to steal this look here. I really hope you like my new bedroom makeover (which by the way costed peanuts) – I am so excited about this!!!

What do you guys think?

See you soon x


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