Free Download #1 Labels

Hi guys!

Our first Wednesday together and I’m so glad to share with you our first free download. This week we thought you’d like a few labels that you can use on old jars, plastic boxes, candles, even cosmetic boxes to help you organise your space or just make it look good!

All you have to do is print these cuties on adhesive paper, cut around the edges and stick them… wherever you want!



Here is how I used these labels in my home:

I had a few samples that I didn’t really know where to store them. So I used an old plastic jar (that’s meant to store olives!) and put all my travel sized products in there. Stuck a label and voila! everything is much tidier and prettier!

Same with a couple of IKEA candles I bought. They smell great but I felt like they needed something to come back to life! So I printed my labels and stuck them on the glass. The candles look amazing and everyone’s been asking me where I bought them from!

Please let me know if you used the labels…

See you soon x



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