The Sad Faces


This week has been all about the different types of people that surround us.

There are those that are “good” for us and those that are really bad. So how should we handle the ones that are always trying to bring us down? You know the ones I’m talking about. I call them the “sad faces”. They call to ask how you’re doing but you can instantly understand that the real reason they contacted you is to moan about everything and talk about their problems. And in case you make the mistake (lol) to try and cheer them up, they talk to you as if you have no idea about life and how hard it can be. They constantly complain about every little thing they can think of – even the most ridiculous detail, just to have something to moan about.

So how should we handle those people so that their bad mood doesn’t affect us? I remember a time when I would really feel down after a phone call like the one I described. I would feel irritated and nervous and I couldn’t realise why. I now know that the negativity was “contagious” and it was really affecting me as if something bad had happened to me. But you know what? So is positivity. If a negative attitude can cause stress to others, then a positive attitude can cheer them up. And if they don’t want to be affected, then at least your positive attitude shielded you from their negative one lol. I try to deal with people like that with humour, make a joke and politely skip any conversations regarding their “misery”. And I feel like it’s working. Yes, it can be overwhelming sometimes, but it does work most of the time.

One thing that the BlingoDesign concept is about is focusing on the bright side of things. There will always be a problem, sometimes a serious one but most of the times just a silly one. But I like to focus on the pretty things I’m making, my blooming flowers or a tasty snack I just baked. Even if that makes me silly in some people’s eyes.

What do you guys think? How do you handle the “sad faces”?



Vector via Freepik

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