Drawer knobs: Are they worth it?

Hi guys!

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a lovely week.

Today we’ll talk about drawer knobs! Yes, I know what you are thinking… who cares about drawer knobs, right? Well, I surely agree with you. But I also think that sometimes the smallest details can make a great change. So for me, drawer knobs are really worth it. They can transform your space. They can add touches of colour, give a completely different look and they are very practical for hanging your little treasures (or maybe necklaces?)


For example, let’s take this vanity unit. It’s lovely as it is (we painted an old vanity unit and added a few pinkish details for extra fun!) yet it looks a little monotonous and it’s not very practical for opening the drawers or the doors.

We added these drawers knobs from Cynthia Rowley, however you can choose any size/material/colour you like.


With a hand drill we did the holes for the knobs (make sure you measure where you want the holes as it won’t look good if the knobs aren’t placed properly = not on the same height). And here is the final result:


The vanity looks so much more interesting now! I love it…

You can find similar drawers knobs at Zara Home – they have loads to choose from…zara.jpg1 / 2

What do you think? I bet you’ll take a second look next time you pass by the drawer knob isle lol!

See you soon x


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