A Success Story: Crepes

Hi guys!

How are you?

This week we tried the simplest recipe for crepe batter and it was a big success. I don’t know if you ever tried to make crepes from scratch… all the times I’ve tried to was a huge failure. I even tried to make my own crepes using a ready mix and that didn’t work either!

But with the below recipe, I made the best homemade crepes!


You’ll need:

1 cup all purpose flour

2 eggs

1/2 cup milk (you can use low fat too!)

1/2 cup tap water

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons melted butter (not too hot)

The key element for these crepes is a non-stick frying pan.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl using a hand mixer, a whisk or a blender. Make sure that all ingredients are properly mixed and that little bubbles are created on the top of the mixture. That way you’ll know that there is enough air in your mixture for your crepes to become nice and fluffy!

That’s it! You are now ready to fry those crepes!

Use a tiny bit of butter in your frying pan (or if you have a really good non-stick one you can skip the extra calories and not use butter at all) then place some of the crepe batter in the centre of the pan. Swirl the pan to get the mixture to cover the base of the frying pan. Try not to use too much mixture for each crepe – you don’t want them to be too thick. Make sure you flip the crepe after a few seconds – you can use a spatula to help you!

You will get about 8 medium sized crepes from the quantities mentioned above.

And now the fun part… Fill the crepes with whatever your heart desires. Strawberries, bananas, Nutella, white chocolate, honey, nuts… The choices are endless yet all so yummy!!! We filled ours with Nutella and melted white chocolate and added walnuts in the first one and biscuit crams in the second. OMG! They tasted so good! I’m so proud lol

I hope you guys try this basic crepe recipe and please let me know how your crepes turned out.

See you soon x



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