The Weekend!

Hi guys.

This week has been all about feeling good, sexy and sweet.

We tried our simple crepe batter recipe with great success, told someone we like them 😉 with our beautiful sexy download and had fun with ourselves and others.

But still, nothing can beat this Friday feeling, knowing that the weekend is here… Why is it that everything looks, feels, tastes, smells better on Saturday? LOL I find myself being super excited on Friday night and look forward for the next couple of days. Why? No idea! Especially for me, the weekend is no different than the rest of the week. But I guess everyone feels more relaxed on the weekends, and even for a day or two, everyone leaves their problems behind. I feel like it’s OK to have fun, relax, enjoy myself and laugh louder on a Saturday night (LOL) and everyone around me feels the same.

So let’s all enjoy this weekend and do something different.


We have a lot of interesting posts for next week – make sure you follow us on Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest so you don’t miss any of our posts.

Please let me know if you had fun this weekend.

See you soon x


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