Please Enter!

Hi guys!

I can’t believe it’s May already! We’re almost half way through the year, Summer is just around the corner and I feel like now is the time to try new things.

After all, that’s what the BlingoDesign Project is all about. Trying new things that will make us smile more. The BlingoTeam is trying to bring you all sorts of new ideas that are easy to try or can be inspiring to create your own projects. We aim to share our projects with you but always talk/write about real projects – for everyday people with everyday budgets lol. The things we show you here do not cost lots and most of them can be followed by people with jobs and heavy schedules. In other words, we try to keep it real!

2 - entrance.jpgSo, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about another part of our house that we all tend to neglect: The Entrance! Although the entrance/hall is the first thing we see when we enter our “kingdom”, we often forget to make it look good, welcoming and cosy. And who’s going to welcome us to our home if not a lovely and tidy entrance?

A nice console in a bright colour is the best way to start. You’ll find that a console table is very useful for placing your house keys, car keys, phone and other things you need when you leave the house. I would put a table lamp on the console for more light and place an umbrella holder next to it – if I needed to.

Also, some frames with your favourite photos can make you smile before you leave to go to work – and that’s what it’s all about! Finally some candles, flowers and magazines can go a long way!

What a great idea right? And it doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can even upcycle an old bedside table – colour it in a bright red and you are done 😉

Would you guys try this?

See you soon x


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