I’ve been framed

Hi guys!

I love love love gallery walls, so I decided to create one for my new bedroom.


First thing I did was to choose which frames I was going to use.

I then used the wall paint I used on the wall, but this time I painted my frames with it. This way I was sure that my frames would match the wall colour and that the whole room would be very harmonious and all matchy lol


I then tried out where I wanted the frames to be placed, before I nailed them on the wall, to make sure I was pleased with the final result.


And then I put them on my wall…

Let me tell you, these are so cute and fun they really make my day every time I look at them!! (Vectors from Freepik, Some designed by BlingoDesign).

Do you like these? I find this such an easy project and can really change the way a room feels.

See you soon x



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