Easiest Wall Art

Hi guys!

Another week begins, how exciting!

I wanted to add a little something to my wall today. I didn’t want it to be something permanent and I had a lot of postcards that I love and kept in a dark drawer somewhere… So I decided to create the easiest wall art piece ever!

All you’ll need is some string, some washi tape, scissors, decorative pegs and your favourite postcards.

IMG_2892.JPGI taped the string on the wall (both edges) and then I started “playing” with my postcards… trying to figure out the way I wanted to display them. I tried to place them in a way that I liked and that looked fun and not too messy!


When I decided how I wanted my cards to look I used the pegs to secure them on the string! It literally took ten minutes for the project to be complete and it looks really nice. Now my postcards are smiling outside the drawer 😉

You can use photos for a personalised effect, coloured string for a funkier look or coloured pegs if you wanna go crazy. The choices are endless!!! Enjoy!


Please let me know if you try this – honestly it’s so easy!

See you soon x


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