Cleaning Tips

Hi guys!

Today I’m sharing my list of cleaning tips that has really helped me keep my home tidy and nice.


  • Get all the supplies you are going to need before you start cleaning.

The last thing you want is having to stop what you are doing to get properly dressed (I don’t know about you but I never clean my house with nice clothes on – I’m afraid they’ll get ruined from the bleach) and go to the shops for that cleaning product you need but do not have.

  • Use old baskets, boxes, bags.

Now is the time to organize your space. Since you are emptying all the cupboards, why don’t you use those old small “just in case I ever need this” boxes you’ve kept over the years and tidy up?

  • Clean or Semi-Clean?

Cleaning can be overwhelming. So make sure you clean up everything properly. Try not to miss any spots or leave things to do later. It’s best if you get it all done with now. This way you can “forget” about cleaning your cupboards for the next few months.

  • Re-decorate

What’s the point of cleaning and tidying up everything if you can’t see it when you walk in the room? The trick is to re-decorate! Add a new throw pillow or a new frame and everything will look fresh!

  • Give it some time

These things don’t happen over night. You have to give cleaning some time to have proper results. One full weekend will do but if you find this difficult, four Saturday mornings are just as efficient.

  • You did great!

Congratulate yourself! You deserve it! Take a weekend off or buy something nice for yourself to remind you that you did a great job!

I hope you find these tips useful. Any ideas you’d like to add?

Have a great weekend – See you soon x


5 thoughts on “Cleaning Tips

  1. atkokosplace

    I am a cleaning fanatic! There’s just something soothing about walking into a room that’s clean and fresh. Makes me less tired. I clean as I go, as in, I try my hardest not to leave a mess. For instance when I wash my hands in the bathroom sink, I will clean it…it takes five seconds and that way it is never dirty! I do that sort of same thing in every part of my home. So basically, every thing stays clean. The only thing I do a few times a day is vacuum. I have pets so it really helps to control the hair. Love this post.! Happy cleaning! 😉 Koko

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