Easy DIY with Sharpies #1

Hi guys!

You know we’re all about the easiest DIY’s here at the BlingoDesign HeadQuarters lol!

So here’s another quick and easy idea to update your old and plane ceramics: Sharpies! All you are going to need is a ceramic plate or bowl (or a mug) and a few Sharpies in various colours.

Start drawing your design on the plate (make sure the plate is clean from any dust or grease before using). It can be any type of design you want – and you can even draw it with a pencil before using the Sharpies for a precise design.


And then go on until you are done and you are happy with your design.

Leave it to dry for a few hrs then bake in a 180C oven (350F) for about 30 minutes. Place your plate in the over when it’s still cold – this way you’re making sure that the plate won’t crack.

You are done and really to try your new project!

These plates are not to be used for eating or placed in the dishwasher or microwave – I will use my ceramics for decorative use ONLY!

I also used Sharpies to decorate a candle – I didn’t put this in the oven of course 😉

More Sharpies project to follow!!!!!

See you soon x



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