Makeover after Makeover #1

Hi guys!

I keep hearing how difficult it is to remodel a room and that’s the reason why we often postpone any works at home. And then there is the financial factor… how much will a full remodel cost? Can we afford it? And here come the questions…

However, I find that there is always an easy and inexpensive way to make any room look good (or at least better than it used to).

Take this vanity area for example.


It looked dull, uninviting and boring. It seriously lacked of personality and let’s face it, it was not the first thing you want to see when you wake up in the morning. The owners however thought that it was going to cost them a small fortune to remodel so they just left it like this.

We convinced them that with a few easy changes the place would look completely different and pretty amazing. And we were right!


Adding a few personal items and splashes of colour really transformed the place. It now looked and was more practical and inviting.

This encouraged the owners to go through with a proper remodelling. We painted the vanity and bought a matching mirror, changed the tap and countertop and bought a few decorative items to spice it up. It didn’t cost as much as the owners originally thought and they now enjoy their lovely vanity area with a smile every morning.

We recently added door knobs for extra luxury. We love this transformation.


And why not add a little DIY? We printed labels we found online to give a vintage look.


Thank you Bear for your help with this – you are amazing x

What do you guys think? More Makeovers to follow – hope you find these inspiring.

See you soon x


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