Easy DIY with mason jars

Hi guys!

Today I’d like to show you a very inexpensive way to make use of your old mason jars.


You’ll need:

Empty mason jars (make sure your jars are very clean and that you have removed all labelling)

Acrylic paint (non-toxic) of your favourite colour

A paint brush

Masking tape



Start by sticking the masking tape to define you wish to paint. Make sure that the tape is well stuck so that the paint doesn’t leak under the tape. Then start painting! Don’t forget to paint the lid as well – but only on the top outer part, paint and food don’t go well together 😉

Leave your project to dry over night. Then stick a label to write what’s in your jar and place somewhere for everyone to see.


I haven’t washed mine yet and when I do I’ll be very careful or the paint might chip off. If you want to use your jars for storing bits and bots (not food) you can try painting the jar on the inside… Let me know how that goes 🙂

See you soon x



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