makeover after makeover #2

Hi guys!!

It’s good to be back!!! After a long break, between a massive project (coming soon), holidays and summer laziness, Blingo Design is back! I missed you guys – I hope you missed our small family too. But now, as September is just around the corner and school’s about to start again, we are here for more Interior Design ideas, inspiration, tips and shopping suggestions – plus we’re going to have a few amazing G I V E A W A Y S for you guys!!! This is so exciting!

So, today we thought it would be a great idea to show you another makeover on a budget (remember our vanity makeover after makeover?). This one is inspired by the beach – and lets face it, even though summer is nearly over, none of us really wants it to end. So why not bring all those good times and carefree memories in your bedroom?

This is what this L.A. bedroom originally looked liked…


Yes, it was a sad bedroom looking for some attention and love.

So the first thing we did was to add a few touches to make it feel a bit more loved.


A new duvet cover, a few decorations in our colour palette and this bedroom started coming back to life! No wonder why the owners got excited and decided to go all the way. First we established the colour palette as well as the style and feeling that they wanted to achieve for their bedroom. We painted the walls and replaced the furniture (Tip: for a cheapest makeover you can sand your old furniture and paint them with your favourite colour. Just make sure you are using a stabilizer otherwise your hard work will chip away!). Then we dressed up the room with summery details, rattan beachy baskets, starfish decorations and the result was so beautiful!


How calm and relaxing is this, right? Like a beach house waiting to welcome you after a long day at the beach! Seriously what got into me? LOL


Love Love Love this!

Well that’s it for today – I hope you find this makeover after makeover as exciting as I do!

See you soon x


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