The Rules of Decluttering

Hi guys!

Today got me thinking about cluttering.


Why do people clutter? Is it for sentimental reasons? Is it laziness? Is it because we love shopping and sometimes this gets too much (also called hoarding)? Well, whatever the reasons might be, cluttering can become overwhelming and even take control of our lives. That could happen because cluttering is snicky (lol), meaning that one thing leads to another and before we realise it things get out of hand. Also, after a while, our eyes can get used to too many things around us so we don’t even notice the piles of stuff and the dust that gathered around us. However, even if we don’t mind the clutter – and many people don’t – we should pay attention to its hidden dangers.

  1. The piled up dust and dirt is dangerous for our health and can create allergies and other serious health problems.
  2. A cluttered home is an unhealthy environment for our soul/mind. People with cluttered and dirty houses tend to be more unstable in their lives compared to people living in an organised home.
  3.  Cluttering can be a waste of money.
  4. People with cluttered homes often suffer from social anxiety and are ashamed to invite friends over due to the state of their home.

So what can we do when we realise that our house has become a messy cluttered place that’s too overwhelming to live on?

Well, the first thing I would recommend is ask for professional help. There are professional organisers that can help you declutter in a very reasonable price – they can even help you avoid cluttering again in the future. Or maybe just ask the help of your friends/family. Surely it’s not an easy task, but our loved ones are there for the worse as well right? lol

Once you decide you want to action, you could follow the rules below for a good decluttering:

WHAT TO KEEP: Think of all the things you can use or decorate/display. Noone is asking you to get rid of all your collections but be strict and leave all sentiments behind. How many collections are too many collections? Can they all be displayed? What’s the point of keeping something you are never going to use or admire?

Follow the golden rule of THROW/KEEP/STORE/GIVE TO CHARITY. Cluttering can become a very selfish state of mind but have you ever thought of how many people will be helped and actually need your old clothes or that old duvet that you keep somewhere under a pile of other duvets? This is your opportunity to help others that will appreciate your lovely things as much as you do. Feel free to store some things – but make sure that you don’t just move everything to a storage room. Throw away everything that’s been ruined from insects, mould, dirt, pets etc.

RESPECT YOUR MEMORIES: But what happens with all the things that we keep for sentimental reasons? The truth is that these are the hardest to give. Allow yourself to keep two or three boxes of things that you don’t really use but have too many memories and donate the rest to a charity.

CLEAN: Once you get rid of your clutter you won’t believe how nice and big your house will look, so why not give it a good clean? Start by cleaning up all the floors, the kitchen, the bathroom and buy a few key items for each room to give it a new look.

ORGANISE: Try to place all things somewhere and make sure that you return them to their spot after you are done with them. Buy a few boxes to help you keep everything tidy. Buy something only if you need to replace something else.

The BlingoTeam is here for any advice you might need – as well as give you the courage to keep going when you feel like it’s too much. Feel free to email us at or write a comment below and we’ll be more than happy to support you on your journey to happier and healthier life.

Good luck – and here’s a few cheap and colourful ideas to inspire you. Special thanks to M. who allowed us to help her with her cluttered flat.

See you soon x


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