Makeover after Makeover #3

Hi guys!

Today we have another cute and super easy makeover – this time it’s all about the outdoors! As we often focus on our lovely living room, cosy bedroom and sparkly bathroom, we tend to neglect our balcony or patio…


So here are a few cheap and easy tricks to help your small balcony look great on those summer nights!



Our balcony needs textiles and decorative items as much as the next “room” in our house. By adding a few splashes of colour, your small balcony or patio will look and feel more cosy and inviting.


As obvious as it might seem, plants can be neglected and left in a dark corner to die. Adding beautiful flowers will make your balcony look great and cheerful – and did you know that gardening isย very relaxing?


Use furniture that work for you – why have a huge table with ten chairs if you never entertain that many people? Keep it simple and get rid of all those items you never use.



A clean balcony is part of your home and you will enjoy it big time lol! A dirty balcony is depressing and uninviting and you’ll end up avoiding it. Also, a clean balcony helps you keep your indoors clean too!

Do you have any tips for a super cute balcony?

See you soon x


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