Colour Schemes 2016 #2

Hi guys!

How have you been?

Autumn is here! No, I’m not being funny, I know it’s mid October lol, but where I live autumn usually comes around this time of year. And so, I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Fall (school starts, there is a cold breeze in the air, so many changes and decisions to be made… for some people autumn is considered to be “the beginning of the new year”) with the Autumn Colour Schemes for 2016.

As the weather gets cooler, we covet a cosier and warmer environment, so browns and beiges and neutrals are always welcome. Visit the Benjamin Moore website for more ideas.

Textiles and different textures are also very important. Try to pick warm and fuzzy textiles for a cosier look.


Oversized Decorative Pillow White

Faux Fur Stool White

Payton Side Table

Glass vase

Steamer Side Table

Fretwork Rug

For more inspiration visit our previous colour schemes or our Top 5 picks for Autumn.

See you soon x


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