Top 5 Picks #15

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since we posted a Top 5 and we couldn’t think of a better Top 5 comeback than a Bathroom one lol! Why you ask? Here at the Blingo HQ we treat all rooms equally and with the same love. Poor bathrooms are so often neglected – but with some effort you could have a bathroom that makes you proud.

  1. Clean it! Everyone loves a clean, decluttered bathroom. First step is to empty all the cupboards and give them a good scrub. Then check all your products for expiration dates, signs of spoilness or old age. Do you really need all these things? Make sure you keep only the items that you use or really love. Use plastic containers or cute baskets to sort your things. Continue with the rest of your bathroom.
  2. Dress it! Once your bathroom is nice and clean you can dress it using matching textiles – towels, bath mats, shower curtains. Matching towels are a must!
  3. Decorate it! Now the fun part… use small frames, decorative objects and luxurious candles to create the perfect atmosphere.

A clean, sparkling bathroom is very relaxing and it will make a big impact on your mood.


All products from Asda/George Home / Primark

See you soon x


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