Happy Halloween with the easiest Apple Pie recipe

Hi guys!

Happy Happy Halloween!!! I hope you’all have an amazing time.

Halloween for me is a celebration of autumn with all its pumpkins and apples and spices. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Halloween this year than to share my SOOOOO easy apple pie recipe with you guys.


For this so easy yet delicious apple pie you’ll need:

Four (4) apples cut in small cubes or thin slices (any type of apples you fancy)

One (1) cup of granulated sugar (can use brown sugar too)

Two (2) tablespoons of all purpose flour

One (1) teaspoon of cinnamon

Your favourite pastry (can be filo pastry, thin crust etc.)

Melted butter for the pastry

A touch of nutmeg


That’s all!! And it’s so easy to make.

First you cut your apples in small cubes and put in a bowl. Make sure you sprinkle these with lemon juice to avoid the apples getting darkened. Mix the apples with your sugar (just save a teaspoon for later), flour, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Butter your baking tray and place half of your pastry (follow instructions on the package) on the bottom. Make sure you have covered the sides of the tray. Pour your apple mix. Cover with the remaining pastry. Butter the top and sprinkle with your remaining sugar.

Bake for about 40 minutes on 185C or until golden brown (depending on your pastry – please read instructions on the package). You might need to cover the top with a piece of foil to avoid burning the top of your pie.

And Enjoy!

The added flour will absorb all the apple juices creating a thick apple sauce – with the sugar and the spices.

You can eat this warm or cold, with ice cream, brandy butter or vanilla sauce.


It’s really tasty and so easy! Please let me know if you made this and if you have any comments to improve the recipe 🙂


See you soon x



3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween with the easiest Apple Pie recipe

  1. mysweetshenaniganhome

    Wow, I love how simple this is yet the flaky layers look plentiful. I also wanted to comment to say I like how bright your pictures are with the touches of pastels; they catch your attention.

    ~ Bre

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