DIY Fails

Hi guys!

Christmas is just around the corner and what a better idea than to DIY all your xmas presents? I always prefer DIYed gifts as I find them more thoughtful and personalised.

So, as I looked through YouTube, I found a couple lovely ideas for DIYed frames and I thought I should give them a try. And guess what guys… they both failed miserably lol! I followed the steps exactly as shown in the videos but for some reason my DIYs didn’t look as good as the ones I watched.

DIY Fail #1 – Decorate with nail polish (marble effect)


The concept is very simple. You feel up a bowl with tap water and drip a few drops of your favourite nail polish. You continue dripping nail polish drops until you have a marbled effect on the water surface. You then dip in your frame and when you take it out you should have the marble nail polish pattern transferred on your frame. Alas! It was impossible for me to make the nail polish float on the water surface. I couldn’t mix the colours to create a marble effect and eventually I ended up with this…


It’s not really bad but it wasn’t what I had in mind.

DIY Fail #2 – Ombre canvas with quote

For this DIY you’ll need a few letter stickers and acrylic paint (water based).


I started off by sticking a few letters on the canvas to create my quote.


I then watered down my acrylic paint and started painting the canvas – changing colours to create the ombre effect.


So far so good. However when I tried to pill off the stickers (after the paint was dry) I sadly realised than the paint went under the sticker messing up my quote 😦


Complete disaster LOL

Where did I go wrong? If you guys have any ideas or tried these DIYs and worked for you please share your wisdom in the comments.

See you soon x



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