New Year, New Home

Hi guys!

I know I haven’t written in a while – due to some personal issues, however today I would like to share with you a few clever tricks to redecorate your home by spending a few or no money at all! Yes, you read correctly. It is very easy to give a fresh look to your place by spending nothing or next to nothing… and here’s how!


  1. DIY: I cannot stress enough how easy and fun it is to take an old piece of furniture and turn it into something new, personalized and unique. A fresh coat of paint, a few stickers, maybe some wallpaper and voila! you got yourself a new piece of furniture by spending almost nothing. Turn it into a statement piece and it will change your whole room!
  2. MOVE AROUND: It is completely free and so easy and fun but moving your furniture or decorative objects to a new place and it will refresh your home in no time! So next time you’re cleaning up your bedroom, move that vase or candle to the living room… It will make a massive difference. I do this every week lol
  3. THRIFT: Thrift or charity shops are a great way to bring something “new” to your home without breaking the bank. I recently bought a candlestick for £0.50! I sprayed it gold and got myself a new ornament!
  4. TIDY UP: It makes a huge difference to the way your home looks/feels. Tidy up the kitchen counter, declutter the bathroom surfaces, clean up the bedroom. Your home will feel fresh in no time – and it’s free!
  5. SPEND ON ONE PIECE: But make sure it’s something that will have a big impact on your room. For example, buying a new duvet cover can cost you as little as £10 but it can refresh the look of your bedroom instantly. Try something different, with brave colours – maybe a new cushion cover or a cosy throw. These accessories can really transform a place and they can be quite affordable.
  6. PAINT: Another fun and affordable way to change a room is by painting a feature wall (if allowed by owner or if you own the place). Alternatively you could use wall decals (there are so many nice ones online with low prices).
  7. FRESH FLOWERS: or plants. They have the magic ability to bring any room back to life, they look and smell amazing and all they need is some TLC!


Let me know if you try these tricks out – but the most important tip I can give you is to have fun with it!

See you soon x


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