My address book makeover

Hi guys!

I decided to personalise my address book/planner as it looked kinda dull. I used wood glue (atlacol or mod podge will do just fine) and printed my favourite pictures from Alice in Wonderland. I glued the pictures on the cover and left to dry overnight.



  • I did “play around” with the pictures to come up with the result that worked for me
  • Try to use as much glue as you think is needed – but don’t overdo it as it might ruin the printed paper
  • Fold around the edges for a cleaner look
  • Once dry, you could add a layer of glue over the glued, printed pictures to seal the cover and protect it from water, dust etc. However keep in mind that the glue might affect the paper or the print
  • You can use printed paper or scraps from magazines


What do you think? It’s really easy and I love how my address book looks now!

See you soon x


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