Welcome to BlingoDesign. Founded by Vera, BlingoDesign is a blog created to give the everyday life some sparkle and a few extra smiles. Here you will find new ideas posted almost everyday, free downloads to decorate your home or help you organize, news from the world of design and small surprises (like giveaways and gifts). BlingoDesign is different, carefree and full of colours.


Hi there, I’m Vera Xirouchaki aka Blingo, the founder of BlingoDesign. I’m sharing my time between Greece, UK and LA and I get inspiration from different cultures in order to create a better lifestyle. I have been a blogger for a few years and took a long break from posting. However, I noticed that a million ideas where dancing in my head and decided that I need a blog to channel all this creativity that was taking over! BlingoDesign is a way of life, a positive, colourful version of the world we are living in. BlingoDesign is a way to make our lives happier by looking at the bright side of things.

Thank you for joining the BlingoDesign community. Together we’ll make our lives as beautiful as we deserve.


Vera aka Blingo – Founder and writer, Interior Designer, promoter of the BlingoDesign lifestyle & organization freak

Coco – Senior Graphic Designer/Head of Studio, Arts enthusiast

Bear – Crafts and DYIs, inspirational source

Zazou – Recruitment and Finance consultant, voice of reason & keen baker


Welcome to the BlingoDesign blog. I hope you’ll find information that will make you want to share with your friends or post the links on your own sites. However, if you do, I ask that you use your own words and always note the origins on your post. All photos by BlingoDesign must also be credited and linked to the original post.

Any comments which are deemed inappropriate (including spam, offensive or rude language, self-promotional spam) will be deleted.

BlingoDesign blog contains paid advertising banners and/or affiliate links.

The content of my posts express my personal views and are things I like. I would never promote or write about something I’m not a fan of just because it’s sponsored. 


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